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10th Graders/Class of 2027

This is for incoming 10th grade students only (current 9th graders)

  1     PRE-Course Selection Google Slides/PowerPoint Instructions  (In Class Advocacy Lesson from Jan. 24th)
     This will help you brainstorm options with your family and prepare for live in-person course selection the following week. Click here to view the lesson if you were absent.
Students use the electronic Course Selection Form Preview and (Google) Schedule Worksheets below to create an Example Schedule and will have a chance to share this with their families before the in-person Course Selection Event.  Do this from a computer because it will not work well from your phone.
Electronic Course Selection Form Preview: This is for previewing and exploring class options, but still must fill out the paper course selection form during your course selection night.
    • This is for exploration only and will not be turned in.

Schedule Example Worksheets:
This is your own example schedule worksheet to see what can fit in a full schedule to prepare for course selection night.
Click Make A Copy to make it your own personal worksheet.
10th GRADE COURSE SELECTION: Students must attend their grade-level course selection night. There will not be an online option this year.
  • Incoming 10th Grade Course Selection - Tuesday, February 6th 3:30-5:30 PM in the MP Room. This is a drop-in event, so students can come and go when complete.

Additional Resources to Help With Course Selection:
Zero Period PE 2: You may want to consider selecting zero period PE 2 on your course selection form if you will have a schedule conflict that does not allow everything to fit. All students are required to take PE 2 in 10th grade and there are no exceptions to this.
If approved, you will be placed in the zero period PE 2 class that will be every quarter in the morning before the regular school day starts. The class would be 7:25 - 8:25 AM all school year (every quarter) Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Your attendance and participation is required and students will be prioritized who are in multiple specialized programs (e.g., AVID & STEAM) and have clear schedule conflict. 
There is limited space, so it is possible that not all students will be able to take this class. Students will see if they were able to be added to zero period PE 2 in August before the school year starts. Thank you!

Graduation Requirements

Franklin Course Catalog  (all classes offered with descriptions)