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The AVID application for the 24-25 school year is now closed (the deadline was Monday, Jan. 29). There may still be an opportunity to apply for AVID next school year around the same time for students who will be in 9th and 10th grade in 24-25.
Students will be notified if they are accepted into our AVID program in late February after course selection, but don't worry our AVID Counselor Mr. Autenrieth will help make sure to adjust your schedule if you are accepted.

AVID Video: Please click here to watch our AVID video to learn more about our program from our AVID Coordinator, Counselor, and Students! One update, it is possible for some students to do AVID and STEAM, but it will depend on if they are also in other specialty programs with required classes and what their long-term goals are.

AVID Flyer: Please click here to read our flyer to learn more about our AVID program.

More information about AVID can be found below and thank you for your interest in our AVID program!
What is AVID? 

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and is a regularly scheduled elective class that prepares students in the middle, with academic potential, for success in advanced high school classes and in college.
What are AVID student expectations?
  • Maintain at least a “C” average
  • Show great citizenship & attendance
  • Maintain an organized binder
  • Take notes every day, in every class, every year in high school
  • Participate in weekly tutorials
  • Write, Question, Collaborate, Read
  • Take Honors and AP classes
  • Take PSAT, SAT, ACT tests
  • Remain in program 4 years
  • Be a well-rounded student
  • Apply to several four-year colleges

What are AVID parent expectations?
AVID parents are expected to encourage their students to achieve academically, to maintain regular contact with the site AVID coordinator and to become involved in the activities of the AVID program.

What happens in the AVID program?
The AVID Four-Year Elective program is three-pronged: 
1)   Students receive academic instruction in writing note-taking, studying, test-taking, and organizing. 
2)   Students receive academic support from tutors through collaborative tutorial groups and peer counseling.
3)   Students are motivated to pursue academic excellence through goal setting, rigorous classes, cultural and college field trips, classroom guest speakers, and AVID team building.

How do you recognize an AVID student?
The AVID student carries a notebook, takes notes in all classes, is prepared for class, is a positive role model for others, and is "on track" for college.
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Manfredi, Josette
AVID 9 Teacher

Williams, Dawn
AVID 10 Teacher

Robare, Audry
AVID 11 & 12 Teacher
Rubio, Gwen
AVID 11 & 12 Teacher

Autenrieth, Ryan
AVID Counselor

Buechler, Christina
AVID Coordinator