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Work Permit Process & Forms

Work Permit Process & Forms

Our amazing Digital and Media Arts students created this very helpful video describing how to get a work permit and offer some advice. Please click here to watch the video!
  • Work permit applications can either be downloaded off the Franklin High School website or can be picked up at the school.
  • Completed work permit applications will be processed in 48 hours and available in the Student Services Building.
  • Complete the top portion and get your parent/guardians signature
  • Take the form to your new employer to sign (original signature is required)
  • Your application will be processed and you will receive the original copy of your work permit to provide to your employer.
  • Before submitting a work permit application please make sure you have been offered a job.
  • Completed work permit applications MUST be brought to the school for processing.  Drop off at the Student Services Building.
 EGUSD does not allow for the electronic transmission of the completed work permit application
(form B1-1) or completed work permit form (B1-4) via email or other technolgy-based means.
For questions contact the Student Services Office at 916-714-8158 or come visit the Student Services office during school hours. During the summer, you will need to go to the main office to get your work permit processed.

Work Permt Application