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Genders & Sexualities Alliance Club

LGBTQ+ Flag school logo
Hello, and thank you for being interested in the Genders & Sexualities Alliance Club! Our club meets every Thursday from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM in room HH4. This club is a safe space for those in the LGBTQIA+ community, which means you can be open about your sexuality or thoughts about your sexuality without judgment and with safety. In this club, you can chat with others and make new friends, play video games, watch movies, create art pieces, participate in fun holiday events, and so much more. We have a discord server, and a google classroom to communicate with others outside of school. You can email Ms. Ziebarth at one of the awesdome staff club advisors for additional information.

Each Thursday is something new, so everyday is always entertaining. Depending on what our club wants to do, we hold three types of club days: Video Game Day, Art Day, or Movie Day. For Video Game Day, you can bring any portable game console, and play it while chatting with others. If you don’t have a game console, don’t worry! We also play Nintendo party games for multiple people in the club to play, such as Smash Brothers. For Art Day, you are provided materials to draw or create art. We also provide resources to create friendship bracelets! So if you make a new friend, or have a friend you want to give a friendship bracelet to, then you can share them a friendship bracelet. And finally, we have Movie Day. We all decide on a movie to watch (that is PG-13), and we display this on the projector. However, if you are interested in other activities that aren't the same as our activity day, you are still free to do that activity.

For certain holidays, mainly Halloween and The Holidays, we hold club parties and meetups. We hold fun activities in and out of school. We have parties and meetups inside and outside of school. We work hard to make these celebrations and holidays as special as possible.

If you don’t have time for the club due to academics, then our discord server and our google classroom is perfect for you. Our discord server not only gives you an outlet to talk to your club friends outside of school, but this discord server also informs you on frequent school news. We continuously add resources to our google classroom and discord server that may help you with your academic life. We currently have a job and community service resource on our google classroom, where you can learn how to write a job resume, learn how to respond to job interview questions, and be informed on community service opportunities. Our discord and google classroom will be provided once you join the club in person.

Our club has a lot to offer. We don’t stop at just being a safe space. We aim to be an entertaining, safe, and wonderful place for you. Consider joining our club! We would love to see you here.