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The Arts Consortium is a Franklin High School Academy for students with an interest and passion for the Visual and Performing Arts! 
The mission of the Arts Consortium is to empower students to meet the standards of excellence which foster creative exploration of the visual and performing arts within the school and the community:
*to prepare them to be creative, critical-thinking, productive citizens who articulate ideas in various forms of communication
*to cultivate an appreciation of the role the arts play in a culturally diverse society
Our belief is that the Arts Consortium student shall have the maximum opportunity to accelerate academically and artistically while exploring career and curriculum options, including a community-service component. The Arts Consortium is designed for students, who want the opportunity to explore in depth their interest in visual arts, dance, music, theatre, or an integration of the visual and performing arts. Ultimately, the arts will be infused into the total academic curricular experience.
*Objective 1: Offer coursework in a variety of visual and performing art disciplines and also provide the option of a concentrated focus in a single area of interest
*Objective 2: Offer guest lecturers who expose students to professionals in the arts, media, and entertainment industries
*Objective 3: Offer opportunities to experience professional performances and exhibitions throughout the region
*Objective 4: Offer community service opportunities that enable students to interact with the arts community
Visual Arts: Contact: Lorna Miller,
Performing Arts: Contact: Joseph Candelaria,
Franklin High School offers an impressive number of courses in the Visual and Performing Arts. To be eligible for an Arts Consortium Graduation Cord, students must meet the following requirements: 
  • Minimum of 45 credits in Visual and Performing Arts courses.
  • Minimum of a 2.5 Grade Point Average (GPA), Cumulative - Unweighted.
  • Complete the Senior Application for the ARTS Consortium - Graduation Cord.  
*Senior Applications for the ARTS Consortium - Graduation Cord will be available in February and due in March. Additional information and Application deadlines will be announced in the Franklin High School Bulletin.

Congratulations to the 101 graduating seniors of Franklin High School that earned the 2022 ARTS Consortium Graduation Cord.
*Please note: if there is a “pending” next to your name it means we are anticipating that you will earn the award, but we are waiting on final grades from quarter 3 and/or 4 to confirm.
Alina, Oluwadara
Alameda, Holden
Alcairo, Sunny
Anderson, Bridgette (Pending)
Ary, J'Niya
Asilo, Gabriel (Pending)
Asuncion, Jazmin
Baniqued, Peter
Beadles, Aidan
Becerril, Adriana
Benitez, Christopher (Pending)
Berumen, Alyssa
Brooks, Tania
Bryant, Liv
Calapine, Emjae
Cana, Derek
Cantillo, Jadyn Nia Kelly
Caridad, Kainoa
Chan, Kirina
Chan, Yannie
Chan, Kelly
Coleman, Rachel
Coloma-Terry, Maitei (Pending)
Daniel, Timneat (Pending)
De Venecia, Gabriella
Diaz, Taliyah (Pending)
Dixon, Jacob
Do, Kristine (Pending)
Doctolero, Ashley
Domalaon, Mikayla
Ekoh, Zitlaly (Pending)
Esguerra, Calista
Fabela, Marc
Fong, William
Fontanilla, Charlize
Gallegos Duran, Adrianna
Garcia, Alejandra
Gates, Janelle
Glover, Mackenzie
Guardia-Marcos, Ximena
Gullen, Dominick
Gumm, Carissa
Hawkins, Maliyah
Hermogeno, Tara Love (Pending)
Hirschensohn, Dylan
Jimenez, Nicholas
Johnson, Victoria
Kemp, Tyler
Lai, Owen
Lei, Daniella (Pending)
Low, Kevin
Lozano, Lana
Madrinan, Janna (Pending)
Mahoi, Sira-Marie
Manson, Amina
Maranon, Patrick (Pending)
Mojica, Elizah
Ngo, Johny
Nguyen, Isabella
Orpilla, Adam
Ortiz, Anthony
Palmer, Adonis
Pfeifer, Nicolas
Pham, Elaine
Post, Alina (Pending)
Prom, Aviona
Quitoriano, Macyn
Reyes, Michaella
Rivas, Andrew
Rizk, Rita Nour
Robinson, Markayla
Ruivivar, Malia
Ruiz, Jaxon (Pending)
Saiyasit, Jamie
Santos, Jaylon (Pending)
Schnaidt, Kylee
Seese, Riley
Shaikh, Duaa
Smith, Kennedy
Steele, Kainoa
Taladua, Brianna
Telford, Abigail
Thao, Yenchi
Thomas, Emma
Tozlian, Kailey (Pending)
Tran, Regina
Tran, VyAnne (Pending)
Truett, Adam
Tsai, Kaylene
Tumbaga, Marjerie (Pending)
Vang, Skye
Vu, Gabriella (Pending)
Wahyudi, Chloe (Pending)
Wane, Sandalfone (Pending)
Wanner, Kylie
Washington, Jeremiah (Pending)
Weng, Connie
Willis Celesta (Pending)
Wong, Alissa (Pending)
Wood, Emily
Yamamoto, Avery