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Welcome to the Franklin's Counseling Department website.

If there is an emergency, then please tell an adult and call 911.

As a counseling department we strive to provide support services in the following areas: AcademicCollege & Careerand Social-Emotional development. Some ways school counselors can assist students are:

Academic Support

1. Selecting Classes & Academic Planning.2. Guidance on how to manage workload and perform at your best.
3. Coaching students who are struggling academically.
4. Identifying meaningful academic opportunities for students.
5. Schedule change requests should be made by students before the start of the term they want to change and are not always possible.

College & Career Support

1. Career and College Exploration.
2. Identifying career and/or college goals to guide course selection.
3. Ensuring students take the required classes to be eligible to reach their after high school goals.
4. College & Career Workshops to prepare students for the next steps.
5. Financial Aid guidance for those considering college.

Social & Emotional Support

1. Connecting students to meaningful extracurricular opportunities.
2. Guiding students to consider school/life balance during course selection.
3. Helping students manage stress, so they can perform at their best.
4. Applying problem-solving skills to difficult situations.
5. Crisis Counseling & Mental Health Referrals.

Counselors are available during normal school hours when school is in session.
 If there is ever an emergency, then please tell an adult and call 911 right away.

Students are assigned counselors based on the advocacy class. The counselor name is listed on the students schedule printout and the transcript. You can also view who your counselor is by going onto StudentVue, clicking the Course Request tab, and then you will see your counselor in the upper-right hand corner and can send them a message directly. Counselors are often available before school starts, during lunch, after school, or with a pass from a teacher. Students can also send quick messages or questions to their counselor through email.


Phone Number:  916-714-8158
Aulakh, Rupinder - Meet Your Counselor
Counselor -

Autenrieth, Ryan - Meet Your Counselor
Counselor -
AVID Counselor
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Bevins, Penny
Counseling & Guidance Technician
Ewen, Kristina - Meet Your Counselor
Counselor -

Foster, Delisa - Meet Your Counselor
Counselor -
SEASE Counselor
Garcia, Melissa - Meet Your Counselor
Counselor -
Harrison, Eyanna
Health Technician
Javier, Valery - Meet Your Counselor
Counselor -
McCray, Joseph - Meet Your Counselor
Part Time: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
Counselor -
Rodgers, Gino
College and Career Technician -
Salazar, Rebecca
Counseling Office Assistant -

Taft, Tessa - Meet Your Counselor
Part Time: Monday - Thursday (Off Fridays)
Counselor -