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Senior Corner

Senior Corner

Senior Corner

Senior Important Info & Resources

2023 Graduate FINAL Transcript Ordering Instructions 

Now is the time to start ordering your FINAL transcript!

4-year College or University Students are required to send a FINAL official transcript (with graduation date). 
  • Please follow the instructions in your college/university Student Portal for how they accept FINAL official transcripts & would prefer them to be sent.
  • Please read Franklin High School’s transcript request form and instructions for options on how we send transcripts. Please understand, we do not use a third party service or vendor to send transcripts electronically. Click HERE for Franklin High School website Forms page with instructions for ordering your transcript. Use the Current Student Transcript Request form – you may order 2 transcripts. Send in a pdf with signature or turn in to the Registrar in the office. 

College Student Athletes: If you’re planning to play in college will also need to order a FINAL transcript for NCAA or NAIA (must be registered with either to send) for them to deem you eligible to play. 

Community College Students: Some community colleges may require a FINAL official transcript as well. Please use the form & follow their directions to send. If they do not need final or official, you have access to unofficial in StudentVue Course History. FINAL transcripts will be prioritized & sent by college/university due date. They will start to go out by mid-June BUT may not be marked as received by your college/university right away - it may take several weeks. Be sure to check your portal or the college/university website for their process of receiving transcripts. If you have questions about transcripts being sent you may email the Registrar, Ms. Sandy Johnston, at

College, Career, Scholarship & Financial Aid Workshop Presentations

If you missed or want to review any of our counseling college workshop presentations see below:
Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation Presentation (deadline to apply was Jan. 27th)
All seniors considering going to college after high school should complete the FAFSA or CADAA application to be considered for Financial Aid! Completing the FAFSA or CADAA application is required to get FREE tution at CA Community Colleges for full-time students in good standing.
**The Career Center is open every day before school and during lunch for help with applications!

Scholarship listClick HERE for  Scholarship List

College & Career Image

Click HERE for College & Career Options page

EGUSD Senior Central
California College Resource Website

California College Resource Website

California Colleges provides students with an all-inclusive guide for their college/career path and enables educators to track their progress. See website to create your account:
Graduate Diploma Pick Up
Appointment Only: If you have not picked up your diploma, then graduates MUST email our registrar Ms. Johnston at or call 916-714-8150 extension 41536 to make an appointment to pick up their diploma.

Graduates must have their ID card in order to pick up their diploma during work hours.  Graduates having unpaid fees/fines for lost or stolen textbooks will not receive their diploma until all fees and fines are paid.