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AP Exam Info

Now is the time to begin registration for your AP exam. There are two parts to registering for the AP exam: joining the class on College Board and ordering and/or paying for the test later this year.  
This first step in registration is to join the class on College Board (not Google Classroom).  This first step is not a commitment to take the test, but must be done to order the test later. The deadline for completing this step is November 10th (after that there will be a $40 late registration fee). It is a good idea to check your College Board account to see that you have joined all of the classes for which you plan to take the exam. The join code for your AP CLASS class is JOIN CODE, and the instructions for joining the class are located below.
Later this school year, the second step in registration will be to order and/or pay for the exam online. Information for this second step will be released later in November and will not need to be completed until March 1st.
If you are not enrolled in an AP class and are interested in studying on your own to take an AP test, you must contact Mr. Felkins at, so that you can join that class on College Board as well.  
If you have any questions, you can consult the Frequently Asked Questions here - AP FAQ or contact Mr. Felkins directly or stop by HR6.