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10th Graders/Class of 2025

This is for incoming 10th grade students only (current 9th graders)


  1     PRE-Course Selection Google Slides/PowerPoint Instructions  (In Class)
     (PowerPoint is from  the January 26th Advocacy Class)
Use the electronic Course Selection Form and (Google) Schedule Worksheet below to create your Dream Schedule before starting Live Course Selection.  Do this from a computer because it will not work well from your phone.

This is your own selection form to explore class options, but will not be turned in.
Click Make A Copy to make it your own personal worksheet.
  2     ONLINE Course Selection Google Slides/PowerPoint Instructions (In Class)
    (PowerPoint is from the February 2nd Advocacy Class)

 3      Optional Virtual Course Selection Help Incoming 10th Graders
    Thursday, February 3rd 4-5:30 PM Link: 

Students may visit the Career Center before school, during lunch, or after school for further assistance. We will also be offering current Franklin students additional help on Wednesday, February 9th from 8-8:45 AM. Students may also reach out to their counselor with any questions.

Students please click here by the end of your advocacy class to give us some feedback on the course selection process. Thank you!

Online Synergy Course Selection Deadline is Tuesday, February 15th