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College & Career Options

College & Career Resources

Be sure to also check out our Senior Corner web page for a lot of resources and announcements this year about college and career workshops, presentations, and opportunities to get help!
College Presentations: All 9th-12th grade students are invited to sign up and attend our college presentations from specific representatives throughout California and U.S. Please click here to view the college presentation schedule and please see Mr. Rodgers in the College and Career Center to sign up and get your pass!
All seniors considering going to college after high school should complete the FAFSA or CADAA application to be considered for Financial Aid! Completing the FAFSA or CADAA application is required to get FREE tution at CA Community Colleges for full-time students in good standing.


California Colleges provides students with an all-inclusive guide for their college/career path and enables educators to track their progress. Go to the website to start exploring and all EGUSD high school students already have an account using their EGUSD sign-in: 

Career Exploration Informational Interviews: Identifying a possible career path requires a lot of self-reflection and exploration. One of the best ways to start learning more about possible career paths is to complete several informational interviews in high school to learn more about various careers that interest you and to help you decide if that might be a good fit for you. Click here for informational interview worksheet questions that you should ask.
College Scorecard: Check here to check out this great site from the Department of Education to learn more about various colleges and even see the actual average earnings of graduates from specific colleges and majors.


In the Fall of your senior year:
  • Apply for enrollment starting Oct 1st - launch through
  • Complete Online College Orientation.
  • Meet with a community college counselor.
  • Register for classes and pay fees.
EOPS Program
Cosumnes River College extends the opportunity of attending higher education to those from educationally and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. We not only strive to increase access to college but to commit resources to the retention of these underrepresented groups. Our staff is committed to working with each student so that they can reach their educational, career, and life goals. Click HERE for more information.


  • Cal State Apply: Launch application through Classes and grades will autofill.  Click here for helpful tips.
  • Check out Senior Central's California State University webpage for more information.
  • Explore the CSU system and its campuses at: Explore the CSU Campuses
  • Check weekly: University Preview Days and College Visitation Schedules.
  • Go to College Entrance Exams for the 2021-2022 testing dates.
  • See Taking the Next Steps interactive virtual presentation for a variety of resources that emphasize what it means to be college and career ready as well as the different educational pathways available at CSU's.
  • Apply to CSU campuses between October 1 - November 30, 2021.
  • Click here for Cal State Apply Help Center Information. Cal State Applicant Help Center: (857) 304-2087 or
SAT and ACT will no longer be accepted or reviewed by the CSUs
The EOP is one of the primary vehicles for the CSUs to increase the access, academic, successs and retention of educationally and economically disadvantaged students. EOP strives to provide the necessary economic and educational resources to help students realize their academic potential.

Click here for specific information on how to apply to EOP, income requirements, and other helpful tips for prospective applicants. Every CSU campus may have a slightly different admission and program requirements for EOP, so please search for each specific school's EOP website that you are interested in to find out more details. If you have further questions, you can also talk to your counselor and they can explain the process to you.


1. Launch application through
  • Check out Senior Central's University of California webpage for more information.
  • Explore campuses using the booklet, "Introducing the University" which is available online at Explore UC Campuses
  • Check weekly: University Preview Days and College Visitation Schedules are in the Career Center.
  • Complete your testing requirement for admission. You must take:

2. Then on the UC application in the "Review and Submit" section check the box that allows the UC to share scores.
SAT and ACT will no longer be accepted or reviewed by the UCs.


  • Explore private colleges and universities via their web sites. Visit Association of Independent California Colleges & Universities for links to private colleges in California. Make sure to check undergraduate admissions requirements.
  • Check out Senior Central's Private & Out of State Schools webpage for more information.
  • Review application and testing requirements for colleges and universities of interest; many private colleges use the Common Application for admissions. Launch the Common Application through
  • Check the testing requirements for admission.  If needed take either the SAT 1 Reasoning Test or the ACT: Register for the SAT tests at: College Board or the ACT at ACT - Be sure to pick 4 colleges to send your scores to PRIOR to testing for FREE SAT 1 and 2
  • Go to College Entrance Exams for testing dates.
  • If you need additional assistance filling out the Common Application click on the following link Common Application Video
Historically Black Colleges (HBC)


The Regional Admissions Counselors of California Directory for out of state educational opportunities for Californians.
Click here RACC Out of State College Directory for more information.




Thinking about joining the military? Click on the link to get more information Military Information
  • Check out Senior Central's Military webpage for more information.
  • Click here for Mr. Autenrieth's Military Career Pathways PowerPoint. Mr. A usually does this workshop in January before the ASVAB test is offered.
ASVAB: The ASVAB is required for students considering enlisting in the Military after high school. Typically it is seniors who take the test and we normally host on ASVAB testing opportunity at Franklin in late January, but see the Counseling office for more details and you can click on the following link for more information about the ASVAB. ASVAB


This website Sacramento Works is for the job seekers who wishes to know about the services the One Stop Career Center has. Any student 16 and older can register on it one time registration) and then be able to access variety of activities pertaining to career development. In this Virtual One Stop, there are job leads, upcoming workshops, access to other One Stops closer to where they live, etc. We encourage students to self register to see what is available. Click on the link below to get started.


Unemployment Rates and Earnings By Educational Attainment, 2020