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Schedule Change Process

Schedule Pick Up & Change Request Process

Schedule Pick Up & Change Request Process

Students will pick up their schedules on their first day of school (Thursday, August 11th) from 8:30 - 9:25 AM  in rooms listed below:
9th grade students - Multipurpose Room
10th grade students - Main Gym
11th grade students - Main Gym
12th grade students - Outside the MP Room
Students will need to go to the classes listed on their printed schedule they received on the first day, but students can pick up a course change form during their lunch, passing period, before or after school during normal school office hours from the back of the Student Services/Counseling Building.
Course Change Request Deadline (Term 1): Signed course change request forms for term 1 are due no later than Monday, August 15th at 4 PM to the back of our Student Services Building. Late change requests will not be considered and not all changes are possible.
Students should fill out a course change form under the following circumstances: 
  • Student does not have their core subjects (Social Sciences, Math, English, etc.)
  • Student is scheduled in the wrong class level (e.g., needs Math I before Math II)
  • Student is a senior and is missing a class needed for graduation or college eligibility
Schedule changes will not be granted for the following reasons: 
  • Student wants to request a specific teacher
  • Student wants to request a specific lunch
  • Student wants a different period
Students will need to go to the classes listed on their schedule unless their counselor sends them a new schedule. Terms 2, 3, and 4 are still being worked on and will be available to view later on in the school year.

Once students are settled in their classes after the first few days of school, counselors are available to support students with their academic, college/career, and social-emotional development. We are excited to welcome everyone back and we will make sure that everyone gets the classes that they need! Go Wildcats!

Franklin High School Counseling Department